This time I wanted to ask how many of you do sit-ups / crunches? Do you feel it work your abs? Do you get back pain/stiffness doing them? We have all heard that a strong core is a very important factor to avoid back pain and keep fit. I own a six pack and I don’t do any sit-ups or crunches. 
Stop wasting your time with these. They are not that efficient at working and developing your abs and they are really bad for your lower back even if you are strong enough to keep you lower back pressed onto the floor. More and more research is showing that sit-ups and crunches damage the discs in your lower back as well as not really developing your abs. 
So, what is the answer then? I hear you ask. There are lots of other exercises that you can use to develop your abs and create a strong core but keep your lower back protected as you exercise. These range from variations of the plank, variants of mountain climbers, resistance band exercises and many more that I use all the time. 
If you would like to know more about the exercise options available to develop a strong core and a six pack then get in contact with us and we can help you get stronger more safely. You can email for more information. 
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