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Back pain can be incredibly debilitating and getting down to the route of what is causing it can seem hard. There can be a lot of reasons why it can occur, but there are some common causes of back pain that could attribute towards what you are experiencing. In this article we will go over the common reasons for back pain; we will touch upon why they can be such a problem, as well as techniques and tips you can use in order to prevent back pain as well as treatments you can have that can help relieve your symptoms. 

Joint Strain or Pull 

Possibly the most common cause of back pain, joint strains and pulls can occur in anyone at any time. A joint strain in your back can give you moderate to high levels of back pain. Perhaps the worst thing about them is the fact that you never know when to expect them. A joint strain can often actually feel like you have pulled or strained a muscle. This is because the body has a self-defence mechanism in that a reactive tightening of the muscles around the injured joints occurs. This is to help to prevent any further injury to the affected joints. This is called muscle spasm and is not a pulled or strained muscle. Obviously, you will be able to prevent this common reason for back pain by changing the way in which you do certain tasks. 
Strains and pulls usually happen when you lift a heavy object incorrectly. The best back pain prevention that you can do around joint strains and pulls is by learning correct manual handling. The best way to pick up a heavy object is by lifting with your legs and your knees as opposed to with your back. Start with a wide base with feet shoulder-width apart, get a firm grip on your object and squat down as deep as you can. You should then use your legs to lift and stand up in a natural manner. Doing this is a great way to avoid any potential back pulls or strains from poor lifting techniques. 
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Stress or Tension 

Stress, anxiety or being overly tense can all become factors that lead to an increase in back pain. It may not seem as obvious as joint strains and pulls, but stress is in fact one of the most common reasons for back pain, especially in younger people. When you are stressed you will notice that your body tenses up, your shoulders will become hunched and often your posture will worsen. 
Posture is the main reason as to why stress and tension have become one of the most common causes of back pain. Your posture dictates how you hold yourself in everything you do. Whether it is relaxing on your sofa, sitting in your armchair or walking the dog, your posture is there to carry you. Having a good posture can be a great way to avoid back pain, but poor posture from factors such as stress can really have an adverse effect on your spine and muscles. A great way to relieve stress-induced tension is to use methods of relaxation you know work for you. For example, try exercising, reading a book or playing a video game, just always stay conscious of how you are sat and your body position. A great exercise to help with your posture is the plank. Try and aim to plank for as long as you can, to begin with, a good time for a beginner is around 30-60 seconds. Once you feel strength beginning to build, try and up the time gradually. You should notice a difference in your posture in no time. 

Damaged Spinal Discs  

You may not know it, but the back pain you are experiencing could be due to some issue with your spinal discs. You have a total of 23 discs in your spine, all of which are incredibly important to your bodies function. If you begin to experience back pain do not automatically assume it is due to any of the other reasons mentioned in this article. Many people will not realise that they have a slipped disc as the symptoms can seem very similar to other conditions. According to the NHS, the symptoms of a slipped disc include: 
• lower back pain 
• numbness or tingling in your shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs or feet 
• neck pain 
• problems bending or straightening your back 
• muscle weakness 
• pain in the buttocks, hips or legs if the disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve (sciatica) 
If you feel like you may be experiencing any of these symptoms you will often find that with rest and gentle, targeted exercise your body will begin to repair itself. Slipped discs occur when soft tissue between your spinal discs slip out of place. Usually, you will not notice any discomfort. Pain will usually occur when the tissue presses on a nerve. A great way to relieve this pain caused by slipped discs it to visit Bateman Chiropractic. We offer great therapies such as massage and spinal decompression that can really go a long way in helping your fight against back pain. 
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Whilst there are other common causes of back pain, the ones that we have covered in this article are the main three that usually cover the majority of cases. By understanding how to avoid the common reasons for back pain you will go a long way to living a comfortable life. However, if you are finding you are experiencing back pain then do not hesitate to get in touch with Bateman Chiropractic today. We would be more than happy to help you however we can. 
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