Chiropractors For Back Pain in Colchester 

Many people suffer from issues with their backs and this is when it is the right time to contact our chiropractors for back pain in Colchester. One of the most common conditions people experience in the UK is back pain, as it is one of the main reasons why people take sick days off of work.  
Back pain issues can pass when easing off activities for a few days to a week, however, on some occasions, the problem can persist over weeks, months or years. When you are witnessing long term pain or your back is preventing you from completing your everyday activities, we recommend seeing a back pain chiropractor. 
If you have back pain, you may feel stiff and achy or may witness tension in your back. This could have been caused by lifting something heavy, bending down in the wrong direction, an accident or a sports injury.  
This can happen at any age, but the condition is most commonly found in young to middle-aged adults. If you are starting to struggle with your back or the issue has been present for over 6 weeks, you should consider visiting our chiropractors. 

Sciatic Nerve Chiropractors in Colchester 

Our sciatic nerve chiropractors in Colchester are highly qualified to manage and treat back pain by using spinal manipulation and mobilisation of the muscles and joints surrounding the back. This will alleviate your pain and allow your back to become more mobile again while promoting good long term health. 
During your first visit, the chiropractor will look into the history of your back pain as well as your general medical history. This will allow our specialists to identify when you first experienced the pain, the location and the type of pain it is causing to your body. We will also ask about past treatments or methods you have tried to relieve the pain. 
Since I have been attending the clinic my back has felt great and has released the pressure I was feeling. 
I am extremely happy with the treatment I have received and would recommend Bateman Chiropractic to family and friends. 
Mr M. Colchester 
The process when visiting our chiropractors for back pain will include a thorough physical exam which could include tests such as respiration, blood pressure and checking of the pulse. Orthopaedic or neurological tests may also be conducted to determine your range of movement and posture as well as your muscle strength and tone. 
Once our chiropractors have evaluated your condition, a treatment plan will be provided to you with recommendations to improve your back pain moving forward. These recommendations may include strengthening exercises, stretches and massages.  
The first treatment will start through manipulations and adjustments of the muscles and joints. 
So, if you have been suffering from lower or upper back pain for over 6 weeks, it is time for you to make an appointment with your specialist chiropractors for back pain in Colchester. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or would like to find out further information about our services. 
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