Cupping Therapy in Colchester  What is Cupping Therapy? 

If you are suffering from pain or inflammation, cupping therapy in Colchester is the right treatment to solve your issues. Cupping therapy is not a new technique and has been used anciently since 1500 BC. You may have noticed circles on athletes before and wondered what they were, well this is cupping. The treatment involves placing cups on the skin which creates suction. These suction cups apply pressure when on the body to stimulate acupuncture points, meridians or areas of the body which have encouraged increased blood and fluid circulation. 
The cupping treatment works by reducing the pain in patients bodies. The stimulation from the suction cups is highly effective in removing the blockages caused by stress-related tension. The process is also excellent at dispersing localised muscle tension or fluid accumulation, which alleviates the pain caused in joints and muscles from the tension. 

Suction Cup Therapy in Colchester 

There are two types of cupping therapies, with a dry and a wet method which practitioners will use. Dry cupping uses a flame to heat the inside of the suction cup and then the cup is applied to the skin. As this cup cools a vacuum effect is created as the skin is raised up into the cup.  
The raising of the skin then helps to elevate the tissue and separates out different layers of skin, muscle and fascia to reduce tension and create space for new blood flow. Dry cupping can also be applied with a pump instead of a flame. This allows the cups to be moved around with the use of lotion to reduce tension across the whole muscle. 
Wet cupping is a similar procedure, however before the cups are applied to the skin, small cuts are made to the skin and suction cup is then put onto the skin. This will create a vacuum effect where blood is extracted from the skin. This method of cupping is great for increasing circulation in patients which have witnessed reduced circulation from an injury or condition. 
Our fully qualified chiropractors are able to provide you with expert cupping therapy in Colchester, so if you are in need of this treatment book an appointment today. Alternatively, get in touch with us if you would like to find out further information or have any questions about our cupping treatments. 
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