Sport Massage Therapy in Colchester 

Here at Bateman Chiropractic, our highly qualified experts offer massage therapy in Colchester. Massage therapies involve the technique of kneading and manipulating soft tissue to treat injuries and complaints. This treatment will relieve muscle tension while also improving circulation. Massage therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues including back neck and shoulder pain along with joint pain, sciatica or trapped nerves. The use of massages along with natural healing will result in better long term health outcomes. 
Anyone can benefit from sports massages whether you are an athlete, someone in a physically demanding job or just suffering from general stress, this type of therapy can solve your problems. This massage method uses more powerful techniques to relieve both pain and stiffness which is caused by stress, tension and injury.  
The main focus is on deeper layers of the muscle tissue. The aim is to release muscle tension through slower strokes and greater direct pressure applied across the grain of the muscles, not with the grain. This will aid the process of breaking up and eliminating scar tissue. 

Sports Massage in Colchester 

We tailor our treatments to our individual clients with the main aim of diagnosing the root cause of your symptoms. Patients may feel slightly sore after this treatment, however, when following our aftercare advice this will ease up quickly and you will then reap the positive benefits of the therapy. 
If you are suffering from any neck, back or shoulder pain, our massage therapy in Colchester will be ideal for you. Get in touch with our experts for further information on our services or book a treatment today to make a start in relieving your stress and tension. 
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