Spinal Decompression Therapy in Colchester 

If you have been suffering from neck and back pain, spinal decompression therapy in Colchester is the right treatment to solve your condition. The non-surgical therapy relieves back pain and other associated issues with spinal disc injuries. Our spinal decompression chiropractors use this treatment to promote retraction/repositioning of bulging or herniated disc material as well as lowering the pressure in the disc.  
Spinal decompression also helps in strengthening the outer ligament bands which are there to hold the disc material in place. This encourages healing nutrients to pass into the disc.  
The chiropractors for spinal decompression here at Bateman Chiropractic are fully qualified and have been carrying out this therapy for many years. 

Spinal Decompression Chiropractors in Colchester 

The treatment of spinal decompression therapy in Colchester involves patients lying on a computer-controlled table facing upwards or downwards. Our chiropractors will operate the computer which alters the treatment to specific needs of each patient.  
Since I have been attending the clinic my back has felt great and has released the pressure I was feeling. 
I am extremely happy with the treatment I have received and would recommend Bateman Chiropractic to family and friends. 
Mr M. Colchester 
The process lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and patients should not witness any pain during or after the therapy has been completed. Some people may feel some stretch in the spine after therapy. After five to seven weeks of treatment, patients often experience significant improvements. 
The process of spinal decompression is designed to alleviate pain in the intervertebral disc and promote the healing of the disc. We recommend this treatment for patients suffering from lower back pain, neck pain or leg pain due to herniated, degenerated or bulging discs. If you would like to enquire about spinal decompression therapy in Colchester, contact us today to speak to one of our experts to see how we could provide solutions to your problems. 
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