Bateman Chiropractic is intent on providing you with a safe and pleasant method to improve your quality of life by increasing your mobility and decreasing your pain. We work with empathy and understanding to deliver the highest standard of care to all our patients. 

Chiropractic and patient welfare is our passion. Your care is our priority and you will be provided with a unique personal treatment and rehabilitation programme. 


Chiropractors treat a wide variety of injuries and complaints including: 
Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain 
Migraine Headaches 
Hip and Shoulder Pain 
Arm and Leg injuries 
Acute and Chronic Neck Pain 
Cervicogenic Headaches 
Cervicogenic Dizziness 
Knee Conditions 
Postural Defects 

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Treatment Prices: 

First appointment (40 minutes, includes the first treatment) £50 
Follow up treatments (20 minutes) £39 
Telephone : 01206 625755 
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