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How has your lockdown been? 
Have you been indulgent and eaten and drunk too much? or have you focused on eating healthy foods and exercising regularly? 
I am always conscious of what I eat and drink. I have used the extra time to make myself stronger and fitter. It is very tempting on these hot sunny afternoons just after lunch to reach for a cold bottle of beer and sit back and have a nap in the sun. But I have been strict with myself and resisted till at least dinner time. Hahahahaha… Seriously though I have kept my drinking of alcohol to my normal weekly habits. 
Not all my exercising has gone to plan though! 
I gave myself tendonitis in both elbows by using weights too often – at times three times a day due to boredom. So I decided to start running with my dog – Irish Setter named Watson. He loved it and other than the usual DOMS after the first couple of 5K runs I did I felt great. However, during the fourth 5K in a week that I did I pulled my left calf!! After hobbling home much to the bewilderment of Watson I iced and strapped it up and looked after it for a week and this morning Watson and I have progressed to a jog walk jog 5K and all is looking good. 
So it is a good thing to do exercise but be aware of how much you push yourself to begin with because if you push yourself too hard then you could injure yourself as I perfectly demonstrated with my running. 
Stay safe and be healthy. 
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