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Have you set any new years resolutions? Are they attainable? Rather than making a number of “resolutions” that you may or may not follow through on why not make a lifestyle change? New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for not sticking around for long. 
I’m going to stop drinking….. I’m going to lose weight….. I’m going to exercise more etc, etc, I am guilty of making resolutions and then not sticking to them after a couple of weeks. I think the majority of people don’t last much longer than that. 
If you make small changes to your lifestyle just one at a time then you are much more likely to keep up with the changes and reach your targets - which feels amazing doesn’t it. 
You could choose to drink less but make it a tangible amount. “I will only drink on the weekend” or “I will only drink x number of drinks through the week”. Obviously, the levels need to be less than you are currently consuming. This gives you a tangible target that is also measurable. 
Tell someone what you want to do. Become accountable for the changes. Ask that someone to ask you about your progress. 
Now drink is only one common subject of New Year Resolution. Exercising, eating more healthy etc, are more examples. These are all things that can be made tangible and measurable. 
I will exercise more. Take a walk then turn it into a longer walk, then it could become a walk and jog combination, then a run and jog combination to progress. Exercise with someone else-become accountable. The couch to 5K is a great app to use to do this with measurable targets and accountability. 
Big changes are not usually sustainable but small changes of measurable elements in your life are far more achievable and sustainable. 
If you miss a target then don’t beat yourself up. 
Mo Farah didn’t become one of the greatest middle distance runners of all time without losing races or getting injured. 
Michael Jordan wasn’t the best basketball player of all time without getting left out of his high school basketball team and missing many many shots in game winning situations. 
But they both used tangible, measurable methods to train and to be accountable to rise to the highest level of achievement. 
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Good luck with your lifestyle changes and best wishes for 2021. 
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